Periscope is a scalable automatic performance analysis tool developed at Technische Universit√§t M√ľnchen in several collaborative research projects. It consists of a frontend and a hierarchy of communication and analysis agents. Each of the analysis agents, i.e., the nodes of the agent hierarchy, searches autonomously for inefficiencies in a subset of the application processes.

The application processes are linked with a monitoring system that provides the Monitoring Request Interface (MRI). The agents attach to the monitor via sockets. The MRI allows the agent to configure the measurements; to start, halt, and resume the execution; and to retrieve the performance data. The monitor currently only supports summary information.

The application and the agent network are started through the frontend process. It analyzes the set of processors available, determines the mapping of application and analysis agent processes, and then starts the application and the agent hierarchy. After startup, a command is propagated down to the analysis agents to start the search. The search is performed according to a search strategy selected when the frontend is started. At the end of the local search, the detected performance properties are reported back via the agent hierarchy to the frontend. Periscope starts its analysis from the formal specification of performance properties as C++ classes. The specification determines the condition, the confidence value, and the severity of performance properties.